Plan Be Fabric İmage

Company Profile

Two French designer friends from the fabric and decorative world, joined with an expert sofa production team with 20 years of experience and decided to build a 1000m2 new manufacturing facility in Turkey. Aiming customers looking for quality products and service.

Making no compromises, maintaining high-quality during each stage of production and carefully bringing together strong and healthy products ideal for comfort. We use our knowledge in manufacturing durable and high-quality sofa styles to meticulously select the required materials.

The elegance in details is hidden in the quality of the raw materials used. We provide the best ergonomics, comfort and durability through our expert craftmanship. We guarantee the highest quality construction and processing standards for each and every product.

The most comfortable corner sets, sofas, armchairs are combined with fine craftsmanship, creativity and technology.. We specially manufacture our range to provide new opportunities for displaying unique styles in every environment and condition with an innovative perspective on life through our unique designs.

All this thanks to the collaboration of passionate and experienced individuals, each an expert in their own fields. Our product collection is examined by the best craftsmen and experienced engineers to provide the highest ergonomics and comfort for our customers.

Private Label

We make private-label upholstered furniture for retail brands from residential to hospitality projects.

We’re here when you need to make a choice for your projects and we’ll find the best plan for your requirements.

We value our plan to be providing the best quality service and products, working with experienced well-skilled craftsman and high quality raw materials, and being always ready to create solutions and take action.


We meet all your expectations through our attention to detail at every stage from design, production, sales and after-sale services. We stand behind the quality of all our products with a warranty of 10 years for our wooden frames, 5 years for our foams

Please check the warranty conditions page for detailed information.

Our intention with our special plan is to provide the best care for our customers’ needs. Plan Be Living’s warranties:
Wooden Structure: 10 years which covered any webbing or springs your sofa uses to support the back and seat cushions as well as the internal wooden frame.
Foam and Filling: 5 years seating and back cushions and all internal foam structure.

Please contact our team for details.

Warranties may not apply to :

  • Defects that result from negligence, misuse and accidents.
  • Any condition resulting from other than ordinary residential wear or from any use for which the product was not designed.
  • The colorfastness, lot variations, wrinkling or wear of the fabrics.
  • The softnening of filling materials under normal use.