Plywood / E1 Certified

The strong minimal look of the Sona sofa has the perfect balance of ergonomy. The design carefully adjusted to support the body at all angles.

Natural Fiber Premium Quality Fabric

We also select our fabric collection carefully to complement the design of our living spaces. Durability of our fabric collection is measured via necessary testing.

Thermobond Fiber

Thermobond Fibers, which have a durable and very soft structure, maintain the temperature, prevent odor and moisture with their hight air permeability.

Steel S-Springs

The best ergonomics. S Spring System provide the desired stiffness and superior flexibility. The response to point contacts of the body is at the maximum levet. It offers longer use.

HR Foam

Hight flexibility, the best comfort, HR sponges give a comfortable feeling, and when you get up,their form quickly recovers.

Felt and Elastic Column

Elevates the comfort and durability.

Furniture Skeleton Explanation İmg